What we do...

As the cycos development team, we offer services that cover the entire software lifecycle, both for customers and internally at Atos.

We develop software solutions for individual projects as well as for products and entire product lines. This experience allows us to meet the long-term quality and maintainability requirements of product business as well as the time and budget constraints in short-term projects without losing sight of either aspect.

Our solutions are often critical to our customers' businesses and many of these customers are in turn socially relevant. That is why the quality, stability and security of our software are of the utmost importance.

In our projects we are not bound to specific industries. However, we are currently focusing on the areas of:

  • Telecommunications
  • Public sector
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Healthcare

Innovation plays a significant role in our work - if it makes sense for the customer and not just because of the hype. For many years we have been primarily working with agile processes and operating services according to the DevOps principle, but you won't find a blockchain application at cycos.

Software created at cycos is used daily by millions of people around the world. We are proud to be able to make their lives a little easier.