Who we are...

There are many ways to introduce a company, but we believe that our employees are the best reference one can have...

  • HR Assistant

I have been working at cycos AG for 30 years and the "family" (or "team") at cycos never leaves me out in the cold. And that's unique for me.

  • Lead UI/UX Engineer

As a passionate martial artist and enthusiast of good user experience, I am able to perfectly combine tradition and innovation as a UI/UX developer at cycos.

  • Software Developer

At cycos I appreciate that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their level of experience or responsibility.

  • Head of IT

I have been working at cycos AG for over 10 years and every day I am happy to see how well hobbies, family and work can be combined here - both through very flexible working hours and great colleagues who always support you

  • Accounting

I have been working at cycos AG for almost 20 years and have been a mother of two for a few years now. It's great that I can balance my family and career well at cycos. I have been working in a great team from the beginning and I am very happy about that.

  • Software Architect

cycos offers the exceptional combination of a mid-sized company in the environment of an international corporation, providing the benefits of both worlds: a family-like atmosphere and countless professional opportunities.

  • Apprentice

Even though I'm not the most extroverted type, I don't have to pretend to be someone else here at cycos. Additionally, even during my apprenticeship, I get to work on cool projects.

  • Director of Architecture

I love to fully comprehend things and solve tricky problems. And even after almost 30 years I am still fascinated by the team spirit at cycos!

  • Software Developer

The most enjoyable part for me is working with colleagues from different Atos locations and the enrichment of my social environment that comes with it. Also it's uncomplicated to pursue my hobby - music - because of the flexible working culture. That's great.

  • Executive Office

I have been working in the executive office of cycos for more than 20 years. I enjoy the variety of tasks in a mid-sized company and the family-like atmosphere within our team. In my free time I like to travel. Thanks to the flexible possibilities at cycos I was able to reduce my working hours a few years ago. Now I have even more time for my hobby.

  • COO

My heart beats for technology and at cycos, people truly live that. Moreover, we are located in the beautiful region of Aachen, where I can combine my athletic and musical ambitions with innovative technologies.

  • Sofware Developer

At cycos there's always exciting tasks and I really value the family-like atmosphere. Besides that I can easily harmonize work and family because of the possibility to work from home.