Consulting and Architecture

Analysis and Consulting

With our competence and experience in various technologies and industry-specific needs we are able to understand a customer's situation and recommend the most suitable options for project implementation based on the "big picture." We naturally consider factors such as planned budgets and deadlines, regulatory requirements, and customer preferences.

Information Security and Data Privacy

Information security (cybersecurity) and data privacy should be given in every IT project from the beginning and ensured by the production system. We take these issues very seriously and help ensure that GDPR audits and penetration tests do not result in unpleasant surprises.

Accessibility and Usability

All frontend developers at cycos are committed to achieving the best possible usability for all users of a solution. As experts in accessibility they consider the needs and preferences of every person, equally for those with various disabilities and challenges.


Our senior experts develop an optimally fitting system and software architecture from the requirements and circumstances. We benefit from our many years of experience with highly scalable, redundant, feature-rich real-time systems that can be used in embedded to distributed cloud computing.


For an IT system to be successfully deployed it must not only functionally meet the needs of users but also perform well under heavy loads. At the same time, for cost and environmental reasons, a system must not require more resources than necessary. Our teams help by planning, executing and targeted evaluation of realistic load tests and, based on this, analyzing and optimizing bottlenecks and performance-critical areas.