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Historic yet modern, the Aachen city region offers the historical charm of 1200-year-old buildings combined with innovative established and newly founded IT companies. Not only the RWTH Aachen or the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, both of which are among the top universities in Germany, contribute to this.

Just like this combination 'old and young' meet here in the form of students and long-time residents. Together with many commuters they form a melting pot of cultures where everyone can find their place.

So, you are in good company here.

Thanks to the excellence university RWTH and the equally well-known Aachen University of Applied Sciences, as well as the location in the German/Dutch/Belgian tri-border area, the city of Aachen and its surroundings are very international and located "in the heart of Europe". Nature lovers enjoy the proximity to the Eifel and the Hohes Venn, while culture enthusiasts not only come to Aachen but also to Maastricht and Liège.

The cost of living in the area is relatively low. But thanks to the flexible home office regulation it doesn't matter if you live in cities like Cologne or Düsseldorf. You can live there and still work with us.


The Aachen location can be reached via various airports and train stations. In addition, there is a highway connection close-by and the location is, of course, also accessible by bus and train.

Aachen can be reached directly from Aachen by the RB20 train line and the 51 bus line. Please refer to the ASEAG timetables (www.aseag.de) for further train and bus lines.

The nearest bus stop to the location is:

  • Aachen, Viktoriaallee – reachable via bus lines 7, 27, 33, 37

The nearest train station is:

  • Aachen, Rothe Erde Bf
  • You can walk to the cycos location in about 7 minutes.


Viktoriaallee 13
52066 Aachen (Rheinland)

Sources (thanks to the photographers)

Elisenbrunnen front- Image by Patricia on Pixabay / Hohes Venn - Image by Herbert Aust on Pixabay / Elisenbrunnen back - Image by Heiko on Pixabay / Aachen Cathedral - Image by Loyloy Thal on Pixabay