What we believe in...


We develop and promote our competence by...

  • encouraging self-initiative, independence, and further development of our employees
  • assigning responsibility to our employees
  • practicing and accepting constructive criticism

Expertise is the key to our success!


We support innovation by...

  • creating an innovative atmosphere through openness to discussion and providing space, time and resources
  • demanding commitment and new ideas from our employees
  • applying and rewarding viable results

We have the courage to take new paths!


We show our employees our passion by...

  • inspiring through our actions
  • living up to, communicating and demanding our high standards
  • fighting for our success

Success is our passion!


Respectful interaction to us means...

  • understanding the needs of others and respecting their perspective
  • appreciating the work results of others
  • including the contributions of others in our own decision-making

Together we are a team!

Our Mission Statement

  • We are committed to quality and efficiency!
  • We think ahead!
  • We are precise and perseverant!