cycos AG Services

cycos AG mainly focuses on technical services during the development of communications software for different platforms, integrations into existing infrastructures, clients (rich as well as thin) and different mobile devices. This includes not only implementation, but also design, architecture and complete functional and non-functional tests.

"Unified Communications" (in short: UC) combines different communication media, networks, systems, IT business applications and sometimes consumer applications on different devices. UC products aim to improve user productivity and corporate processes.

The Unified Communications market is still defined by the so-called big players. In order not to have to face the competitive pressure alone and to have the best opportunities in the market, cycos AG closely cooperates with Unify Software & Solutions GmbH & Co. KG. By providing development-related services for Atos Unify, cycos AG positions itself indirectly in the market via Atos Unify.

In addition, cycos AG also offers commercial Services and development services for third parties.