Our Five Guiding Principles

Integrity & Willingness to Help

Our requirement for integrity and a willingness to help makes us treat our employees and colleagues, customers and partners with respect. We have long-term dreams and goals which we keep firmly in our hands and turn into reality. We stay on course and defy all problems and obstacles. We help each other, take time for one another and never lose sight of the needs of others on the way up to the top.


Realizing that there is more to the world than is normally accepted – both with regard to people and to technology and products, we have the courage to break new ground and go in search of new ideas. We are constantly taking up new challenges and are inspired by innovations.
Our own product innovations and applications are our major motivation. We never tire of improving the quality and user-friendliness of our products and services. We’re always on the lookout for new ways of offering our partners and customers added value.

Competence & Intelligence

The key to our success is the outstanding competence of our employees in many different areas. Thanks to our team’s high level of intelligence and willingness to learn, we can reap optimal benefits from our know-how. We broaden our knowledge and understanding of our technologies, our markets, our customers’ requirements and the changes relating to our fields.


We’re enthusiastic about our work. Software applications and communications are our business and our passion. Our drive and ambition are the forces behind our abilities.

Independent Thinking / Respect of Individuals

We are lucky to have a team of unique talents and we respect them very highly. We encourage all our employees to think critically and make suggestions that go beyond hierarchy levels and people’s functions. We encourage our team to cross frontiers, move between different cultures and cast off preconceived opinions.
We keep pace with the rapid changes of our time. We give active support to employees who show commitment. We trust in our own abilities, give expression to our individuality and have the courage to go our own way, but always with empathy and respect for other people.